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US Famous Magazine Report JIER Stamping Equipment

Recently , North America famous professional magazine 《 METALFORMING MAGAZINE 》widely reported PTM production growth with the title of “PTM Corp.'s 'New Baby'”. This ‘New Baby’ is just the stamping equipment from JIER, China .

On June 14, 2019, PTM held the ribbon-cutting ceremony for this press, specially invited the congress member, local government officer, regional chamber of commerce, customer and supplier to attend this ceremony. Mrs. Donna Russell-Kuhr, CEO of PTM is very excited in the ceremony, “ so far, this 'New Baby' is my best proud. Purchasing of JIER mechanical press will be an important milestone for PTM development . This press from JIER China is running very stable, greatly improving our production. 70 percent work has been already booked by the end of 2019.”


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Mechanical press JIER supplied to PTM


Ribbon-cutting ceremony



Donna Russell-Kuhr checking equipment at JIER in 2018


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