Ø 冲压生产线技术与世界先进技术保持同步

Ø 拥有国家级技术中心、国家级企业研发中心、博士后科研工作站

Ø 是国家科技重大专项、国家科技支撑计划和国家“863”计划的承担企业

Ø 是世界制造能力最大的数控冲压装备制造商

Ø 可提供每天24小时,每周7天的全方位全球服务


With Technical Center, Enterprise R&D Center, Postdoctoral Scientific Research Station--national level institutes
The largest metal-forming equipment manufacturer in the world
Provide 24/7 global service


• JIER has national-level institutes such as Technical Center, Enterprise R&D Center, Postdoctoral Scientific Research Station
• JIER is a metal-forming equipment maker of largest production capacity in the world
• JIER can provide all-around global service on 24-hours- 7- days basis


• Almost 30 years of CNC machine tool manufacturing experience
• JIER has supplied 1000+ CNC cutting machines for both domestic and oversea customers of various industries such as airspace, aviation, power generation, railway transport, automobile die, construction, etc.
• JIER is a leading enterprise among Chinese large and heavy CNC gantry boring-milling machine and CNC floor-type milling-boring machine makers
• JIER has key technique of 5-axis synchronization, and takes part in national technical standards establishment

• Aims at customers’ first choice of no-bake sand casting equipment suppliers
• Provides complete solutions of automation, smart production and green casting for foundry shops
• Participated in establishment of national standards Resin Sand Generation Equipment—Technical Conditions, Water Glass Sand Generation Equipment—Technical Conditions
• JIER provides all-around pre-sales and post-sales service on 24/7 basis

• First-class machine design and manufacture process with international advanced power supply and control techniques offer highly precise cutting of workpiece
• JIER has high power laser cutting machine, robotic automatic welding equipment and R&D capability for high efficiency cutting automation products
• With years of experience of CNC cutting R&D production and process, JIER can provide professional process techniques services
•JIER can provide all-around before and after sales service on 24-hours- 7- days basis

Customized non-standard products
JIER 3000 Metric Ton Heavy-duty Transfer Press Line was just installed in Tianjin, China
JIER will participate in EuroBlech 2020
“JIER LINK”,Your Remote Solutions
US Famous Magazine Report JIER Stamping Equipment

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