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“JIER LINK”,Your Remote Solutions

With the continuous development of digital technology, JIER continues to promote the Remote Expert System research and development, and optimize the remote solution. As part of intelligent manufacturing, the Expert System will continuously help customers to realize digital upgrading, further improve production efficiency and reduce costs. Recently, JIER has successfully completed virtual buyoff of the Mexico project for the famous OEM auto company in North America through JIER LINK platform.


▲ Intelligent wearable device is used for Cloud Acceptance

Due to the travel restrictions of Coronavirus Pandemic, the customer’s project team in foreign country could not come to JIER workshop for buyoff as scheduled. However, the buyoff was successfully completed with the help of head-mounted camera with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR (Augmented Reality)technologies. This wearable device uses near-eye display, and enables handsfree through full voice control after wearing, thus realizes remote audio and video interaction, and makes people feel as if they were right there on the shop floor. The JIER engineers in China and the customer’s engineering team in foreign country shared first-hand view. The JIER technician wearing the device walked around the workshop site and operated according to the instructions from the acceptance personnel at anytime, and explained the key acceptance points. Through JIER LINK platform, JIER provided super clear global or local video images for the customer to check, archive and record the whole buyoff process.

Besides virtual buyoff, JIER’s Remote Expert System can also achieve multiple scenario applications such as real time tracking of project progress, on-line business communication, equipment remote diagnosis, visualized remote operation, training and after-sales service, providing whole process solutions to customers’ satisfaction.

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