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● First class national heavy machine tool maker, JIER also supplies for military industry 

   in army,navy and airforce fields
● Supply over 200 units of large machining machines for military industry
● Breaking through foreign technology monopoly, JIER makes products to replace the 

   imported, ensuring national economy and military safety
● The only  manufacturer of 5-axis head with sole intellectual property right in China


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Universal CNC Machine

J₂l Series Shake-out And Reclamation Equipment

J₂s Series Regeneration & Temperature Regulator

J₂s Series Water Glass Sand Wet Reclamation System

J₂GTFJ Series Pneumatic Conveyor

J₂S Series Pneumatic Conveyor

J₂ Series Continuous Sand Mixer

J₂z Series No-bake Sand Molding Line Casting Line

J₂q Series Dust Removal Machine For Environment Protection In Foundry Shop

Environmental Protection And Dusting Equipment